Swelling big-headed shark Cook. Photo, description of the predator.

The big-headed Shark Cook got its name in honor of Sid Cook, who investigated this species of shark. Cook Shark Habitat This is a rare and little-studied species of shark, which was described in the recent 2008. The inflating Shark Cook is an underwater resident of a small section of the Arafura Sea, located in the area of ​​the Tanimbar Islands group (Malay Archipelago, Indonesia) and Northern Australia.

Carp: what was the name given to the fish?

Carp is a freshwater fish from the carp family. The closest relative is a roach, which carp, by the way, is very similar in appearance. But unlike roach, the carp has a bent snout, with small eyes and strong pharyngeal bones with strong, powerful teeth, for which, in fact, got its name. In addition, its caudal fin is larger and wider than that of roach, but carp scales are much smaller.

Dog food

Dog foods are special nutritional diets designed to meet all the physiological needs of the animal. Industrial dry and canned food has recently been more in demand by dog ​​breeders, due to their many positive qualities and ease of use.

Why does a cat need grass

The cat is a predator and feeds mainly on meat. But all cats are attracted to grass greens: they eat it for a walk and actively demand at home. Their wild counterparts do the same with green spaces. Why cats need grass, which is better for treating a pet, how to provide it with an animal that does not have free range, we will describe below.

Olive turtle

The olive turtle, also called the olive ridley - a small sea turtle, is now under protection because of the threat of extinction due to extermination by people and the influence of natural threats. She prefers tropical and subtropical waters of the seas and oceans, mainly the coastal part.

Loggerhead - Sea Turtle

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) - a species of sea turtles. This is the only representative belonging to the genus Loggerhead or the so-called big-headed sea turtles, also known as the big-headed turtle or carriage. Description of the loggerhead Loggerhead refers to the rather large body turtles with taraps with a length of 0.79-1.20 m and a weight in the range of 90-135 kg or slightly more.